Too much vitamin A?

A Medical Press article snagged my interest when I stumbled across it a few days ago as it warns of the damage of consuming too much vitamin A.

The article references a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology that suggests an overload of vitamin A could diminish bone thickness and density, which could, in turn, increase the likelihood of bone fractures occurring.

Conducted on mice, the study unveiled that a heightened consumption of vitamin A (levels equal to 4.5 to 13 times the suggested daily amount, RDA) tremendously weakened the bone density of the mice. These findings serve as a warning that over-supplementing vitamin A in humans could possibly lead to similar consequences.

Vitamin A assists with growth, vision, immunity and organ function, and the human body is incapable of producing it itself. A diet consisting of meat, dairy and vegetables usually provides enough vitamin A for the body, and other research has proposed that taking vitamin A supplements could heighten their risk of bone damage.

The article states “previous studies in mice have shown that short-term overdosing of vitamin A, at the equivalent of 13-142 times the recommended daily allowance in people, results in decreased bone thickness and an increased fracture risk after just 1-2 weeks.”

The article also makes mention of how this study is the first of its kind.

I myself am not one to use many supplements, with the exception or iron because I have always had lower-than-average levels in my body. I have spoken to different doctors and naturopaths who believe that, often times, supplements (of any kind) can end up causing more harm than good.

I firmly believe a balanced diet in combination with regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep your mind and body happy. As the saying goes, if you’re good to your body, your body will be good to you.

Photo credit: <a href=””>Omar Omar</a> on <a href=”″>Visual hunt</a> / <a href=””&gt; CC BY-NC</a>


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