Oct. 10, yesterday, was 2018’s #WorldMentalHealthDay.

The following information is from an Ontario government release that was issued on #WorldMentalHealthDay:

  • “Up to 30 per cent of Ontarians aged 15 and up experience a mental health or addictions issue.
  • About one in five children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge.
  • It’s estimated that nearly 70 per cent of mental health challenges begin in childhood or youth.
  • About 12 per cent of high-school students and 2 per cent of adults report having seriously contemplated suicide in the past year.
  • One in three high school students report moderate to severe psychological distress.”

The following, also form the release, is a statement that was issued by Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Christine Elliott, deputy premier and minister of health and long-term care.

“‘Mental illness is a serious issue in our province, across Canada and around the world. It’s time to take the mental health of our young people, adults and families as seriously as our physical health.

The people of Ontario deserve mental health care they can count on. Wait times, especially for youth, are far too long. Too often people who need help are forced to turn to emergency departments and hospitals. We must take immediate action to reduce wait times and make it easier for people suffering to get care.

Our government is committed to working closely with frontline care providers, along with organizations like the Canadian Mental Health Association, Children’s Mental Health Ontario, and Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, to ensure that Ontarians get the mental health care they need. Over 10 years, we will invest $1.9 billion, matched by a federal investment, to make $3.8 billion available to support Ontarians with mental health, addictions and housing supports.

On World Mental Health Day, we encourage all Ontarians to fight the ongoing stigma related to mental health and talk openly about what it means to them. Mental health is health. Together, we can help everyone across our province lead healthier lives.'”

I bolded a component of the statement as it stands out to me, personally.

This post is more of a regurgitation of the release itself rather than my own words, but I wanted to draw attention to it nonetheless.

Image from https://www.mind.org.uk/get-involved/world-mental-health-day/

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