Here’s to women

The other evening, around the dinner table, my mom, sister and I got into a discussion pertaining to just how incredible women are. Specifically, how women are absolute troopers for going to work with a smiling face, through menopause and PMS and menstruation and all of the other joys the female body has to offer.

We were conversing about how unjust it is that calling into work sick because of period pain or PMS symptoms would likely be considered inappropriate or unwarranted by an employer, but calling in with the common cold is acceptable.

I’m sorry, but it’s quite easy for the opposing sex to deem period pain as insignificant or mild when they’ve never experienced it themselves.

What about women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome?

What about women who suffer from endometriosis?

What about women who suffer from severe hormone imbalances caused by PMS?

If we were to also delve into the topic of menopause, we would be here for hours, but I’m hoping you get my point.

I guess the overall purpose of this post is to acknowledge just how damn amazing women are for carrying on with their daily tasks and responsibilities despite the fact their uterus is literally shedding itself in their underwear.

Gross? Maybe. Realistic? You bet.

We need to give women more credit for just being themselves and dealing with the everyday bullshit that comes with being female.

I’m not trying to suggest that men don’t have their fair share of daily shit they, too, have to deal with, but I think I’m correct in saying they don’t deal with nearly the same amount of crap ladies do.

The next time you’re out and about and you find yourself interacting with a woman, remind yourself of what they deal with every day. Period cramps, blood clots, mood swings and all.

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