Enjoying the moment

I’d like to imagine that you’re reading this while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, at the table, just finishing breakfast. The crumbs from your meal are on a plate beneath your hand, holding your phone, or maybe they’re on a plate, off to the side, because you’re reading this on your laptop.

I realize this imagination of mine may be slightly unrealistic, and chances are you’re actually reading this while you’re using the bathroom or you’re waiting for the bus or something. That’s totally fine, as this time of year can be a little chaotic in terms of finding time to catch a breath.

But that’s the focus of this post – slowing down and taking time to enjoy the moment. You may have the day off from work because of the holidays, and maybe you don’t have anything planned for today because all of your family dinners are over. I strongly urge you to consider using the spare time you have today to slow things down and be present, mentally and physically, to take advantage of some downtime you may not have to enjoy again for a while.

As wonderful as the holidays can be, they can also be rather stressful, jam-packed, chaotic, and rushed. You’re trying to get gifts wrapped at the last minute, you’re rushing to the grocery store to pick up some milk for breakfast tomorrow, and you’re panicking because your kid’s gift still hasn’t been delivered that you ordered three weeks ago online.

Guess what? The world isn’t ending.

Things that may seem urgent or pressing right now, in retrospect, are not that important. The milk can wait, the gifts will get wrapped, and your kid’s gift may be a day or so late, but it will arrive. Recognize the permanent things in your life, like your family and friends, and take some time to enjoy their presence while you have the chance.

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