Not feeling like yourself? That’s okay, me neither

Today’s post differs slightly from the typical content I discuss here on my blog, but I think it’s important to draw attention to the topic.

As of late, I’ve been feeling pretty bland. Down might be a better word for it. I don’t wish to use the term depressed as I haven’t been properly diagnosed, but I’ve experienced depression in the past, and based on how I’ve been feeling, I could be depressed.

But again, I’m not certain.

Every once in a while I’ll experience a period in which I feel quite sad. The sadness isn’t overwhelming, but rather, it resides in the back of my conscience and is palpable enough for me to acknowledge it.

It isn’t a great thing to feel sad for an extended period of time, but I don’t think it is necessarily abnormal, which is what I want to say today. As the title reads, if you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, I haven’t either. And I think that’s okay.

I am not fit to say whether or not someone’s sadness is an indication of depression, but if you think it could be, please speak to someone about it, or seek professional health. But, if you aren’t feeling like yourself, it is important to keep in mind that feeling off is absolutely okay. Perhaps it’s expected for some of us. Perhaps it’s never happened to you before and you’re rather concerned, both possibilities being completely warranted in nature.

It can be scary to experience a period of sadness. You can’t seem to figure out what it is that is causing you to feel sad, which makes you frustrated. You convince yourself that the period will pass – maybe it does after a week, maybe it takes months. It’s entirely dependent on each person. But, if you aren’t feeling like your normal self, take a breath and recognize that what you’re feeling isn’t something to fear.

Part of the process of breaking the stigma around mental health is discussion, and I’m here to talk. To you, for you, whatever means of communication necessary.

You are not alone.

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