Kick that nausea to the curb

Being nauseous is a rather unpleasant experience. You convince yourself that you’re fine and that you’re not going to vomit all over yourself, however, despite your efforts, you find yourself unable to control the demon in your gut that is trying its very best to escape out your mouth.

And, if you’re like me and tend to get the spins from nausea when you try and lay down, I particularly feel your pain.

Upon experiencing some pretty bad nausea the other day, I decided to research some at-home remedies to combat this unsettling sensation. I found some straightforward tips and tricks via Healthline, and I plan to give some of these strategies a try next time I’m staring into the depths of my toilet bowl.

  • Eat some ginger, or drink some ginger ale
  • Sniff some peppermint essential oil
  • Slice up and huff some lemon slices
  • Eat some cinnamon
  • Do some yoga
  • Try some Vitamin B6
  • Relax your muscles and your breathing

In addition to these tips from Healthline, I’ve found peppermint tea to work wonders for nausea. I also try my best to keep up with my regular water intake, specifically if I’ve vomited, to avoid becoming dehydrated.

It’s also important to keep eating while you’re nauseous, and I like to stick to basic, digestible foods such as peanut butter on toast and some fruit. Soups are also great when you’re feeling sick, and it’s hard to go wrong with a bowl of some hearty chicken noodle.

If you’re feeling nauseous, try to avoid large meals, strong smells, and any unsettling movement or motions, for example, running or jumping. If possible, take it easy and allow the feeling to subside before getting back to your typical activities.

As much as nausea sucks, it isn’t permanent, and with some simple practices, you can hopefully get back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible.

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