And what about a gastroscopy?

As promised, today’s post will go into detail as to what exactly a gastroscopy is, similar to yesterday’s post about a colonoscopy.

I had never heard of a gastroscopy prior to being told I would be having one done. From my understanding, it involves a small camera being inserted into your esophagus, through your mouth, to see into the stomach.

As for a formal definition? A gastroscopy is “an examination of the oesophagus (gullet or food pipe), stomach and duodenum (upper part of the small bowel) using a flexible telescope called a gastroscope,” says the Healthy WA website.

Similar to a colonoscopy, a gastroscopy is performed to gain a better understanding of what may be the cause of digestive issues. Biopsies may be taken during a gastroscopy, and polyps may be removed as well, depending on what is found.

I was totally asleep during the procedure, but I was told afterwards that my entire throat was numbed to alleviate discomfort. I didn’t notice any numbness when I woke up, but I was warned to take it easy with hot food and/or drinks as they could significantly damage my throat, and I may not feel it until afterwards.

I managed to consume two burgers and two orders of fries on the way home from the hospital regardless.

The prep for a gastroscopy is significantly easier, and more pleasant, than the prep required for a colonoscopy. There are no vast quantities of laxatives that require consumption before the procedure, and you don’t have to fast for a day-and-a-half prior, either.

If you are prepping for a gastroscopy, try not to worry too much. It went very smoothly, and the recovery is minimal (it is for a colonoscopy as well). You’ll be good to go before you know it, and it really isn’t all too bad.

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