My tips for learning guitar

I mentioned a while ago that I’ve taken it upon myself to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.

Learning anything unfamiliar is challenging, but musical instruments are in a league of their own, in my opinion. I had never so much as plucked a string on a guitar before my boyfriend got me a beautiful Fender acoustic one for Christmas, and soon after I received it, I started plucking.

Too bad the plucking sounded more like a cat on a hot tin roof than a six-string.

I played the piano when I was younger, and I firmly believe my knowledge of the piano is the only reason I haven’t chucked my guitar out the window yet. Having a basic understanding of music and how to read it has been one of the reasons I’m still working away at the guitar daily, and I try and tell myself that if I could learn how to play the piano when I was a child, I can figure out a guitar.

I thought I would offer some of my own tips and tricks for learning the guitar in case any of you brave souls are also attempting to learn this magnificent instrument. Eventually, I hope to work my way up to playing the electric guitar, but for now, I have enough on my plate learning an acoustic. And, with that, here are some of my strategies for learning how to play the acoustic guitar:

  1. Be patient. This one has arguably been the most difficult for me to comprehend, seeing as patience has never been a strength of mine. But, remaining patient while learning anything is new is vital, and a little mindfulness goes a long way.
  2. Don’t expect immediate greatness. This might sound bad, but honestly, set the bar low for yourself if you’re just starting out. Unrealistic expectation and goals will only hinder your self-confidence and patience, and it’s perfectly normal to screw up more times than not while learning.
  3. Check out Marty Music on YouTube. This guy will soon become your best friend in learning guitar, and his tutorials are straightforward and easy to understand. This dude rocks, and his channel has been my saving grace for learning riffs, chords, and even the basics, like notes.
  4. Practice every day. It doesn’t have to be hour-long sessions, but practicing a little bit every day will help boost your confidence and skill. I practice for about ten minutes each day, and it’s really not too much time to set aside for most of us considering we likely spend this much time on Instagram at some point during the day anyway.
  5. Start out with a soft, or flexible pick. Using a firm, hard pick while learning guitar is not a great idea, and they’re best left for those of us who are more advanced.

These are some of my own tips, but everyone has different preferences. Determine what works best for you, and start plucking!

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