Don’t whine about wine

Wine is something I’ve never really had much luck with. When I became of drinking age, I pretty well stuck with beer, and the odd cooler.

Enter my gluten intolerance a few years later, and my beer drinking days came to an end relatively quickly. Coolers are fine for me to continue drinking, but often times I find them to be far too sweet, and after drinking a few, I can feel my pores in my face screaming in protest with emerging acne.

A little dramatic, yes. But you get the point.

I started working at Bonnieheath Estate a few weeks ago, which happens to be a winery. Going into this job, I was a wee bit intimidated considering my wine knowledge is minuscule, but a few weeks in, I can say my familiarity and appreciation for wine has progressed tremendously.

White wine has always been my preference when I do decide to sip on some vino, but I also like rosé’s. Red has never been my jive, but in working at a winery, my exposure to it has been unavoidable, and I’ve had samples of a few different reds. They’re still not my preference, but I’ve learned so much about the different types of wines and the grapes used to create them that I’ve developed an appreciation for all types of wine, regardless of whether or not I like them.

My point in all of this is that if you’re like myself and tend to stay away from wine, give it a chance. Your liking for it won’t happen overnight, and it may never occur. But, it’s important to be willing to learn and expose ourselves to unfamiliar entities, and this exposure could end up benefitting us far more than we may have originally anticipated.

Don’t whine about wine; just drink it.

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