Affection: yes or no?

I had a conversation with my manager at work not too long ago regarding affection and how people perceive it differently. He is not a tremendous fan of affection, and on this particular day it was his birthday, therefore he was the recipient of a handful of rather touching messages.

Although he may sound like a crotchety old man as he was getting quite uncomfortable with the outpouring of affectionate messages, he really isn’t. He’s just not a fan of affection, which is what led to our conversation about how people have differing opinions about it.

Personally, I’ve always been a relatively affectionate person. I’m a hugger without a doubt, and among my family, close friends and fiance, I’m not shy when it comes to doling out affection. My sister is the complete opposite, and I’ve always found it to be interesting that even family members can be so different from one another in this particular context.

Back to my manager, he explained that he can be affectionate with certain people, but not others. He and I were discussing the different types of affection that vary depending on the person you’re with, and also other elements that factor into a situation and can influence the amount of affection being exhibited.

“Some of us can’t live with it, and some of us can’t live without it.” This is what my manager said about the topic at hand, and I don’t think it could be summed up more adequately. While one person may isolate themselves from affection, others are drawn to it with a sort of insatiable craving for more. It’s pretty interesting to consider just how different we as humans can be when it comes to physical touch from others.

So, if you had to say, which are you? Where do you fall in this equation?

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