The beauty of judgement-free conversation

My family and I have become great friends with some neighbors that moved into our area a few years ago. Over time, we have gotten to know their family (they have two adorable boys), and in a way, they’ve sort of become a part of our own family.

This neighbor stopped in to see me at my work a few days ago, and him and I started talking about all sorts of things. Good and bad, personal and impersonal … we chatted for a couple of hours before he headed home.

As he was leaving, my neighbor expressed how awesome it is that he and I are able to have such open discussions with each other. His statement resonated with me long after he left, and it encouraged me to contemplate just how fantastic judgement-free dialogue is.

I would imagine a lot of us could say that we are able to have these sorts of conversations with our loved ones, for example parents, siblings, or partners. I question how many of us are able to sustain an entirely judgment-free conversation with friends, though, depending on the relationship you share with a specific friend.

If you’re able to sit down with someone and talk about pretty well anything without hesitation, it’s arguably an indication of the level of trust you share with each other. Being able to share honest and sincere conversation with someone with zero restrictions or limitations isn’t the most common thing to experience, therefore if you have someone in you life you’re able to do this with, cherish that relationship.

If you have someone in your life you’re able to have unrestricted dialogue with, I encourage you to be mindful of how wonderful it is to be completely and wholly open with them. Not everyone is so lucky, and it’s something that can easily be taken for granted.

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