Being single isn’t a disadvantage

I would argue that social constructions and influences have manipulated us into believing that being single is a bad thing.

Why this is, I’m not sure, but I do know that it truly bothers me.

We’re constantly inundated with notions of being in a relationship. We see posts on social media, advertisements for dating websites, and commercials and movies typically depicting couples as opposed to single people. It is a rarity to see the promotion or encouragement of being single because media typically depicts persons as being in the company of someone else.

I know quite a few single people around my age, and a lot of them consider it a disadvantage to be single. They feel like they have failed in the relationship realm, and some have expressed worry about their future without having a partner.

I’m in a relationship, and I have been for an extended period of time. While I can’t relate to people I know who are single at this current point in my life, I can recall feeling a lot of these same emotions when I was single, prior to meeting Blaine. Thinking back on the sensations of disappointment and rejection I experienced when I was single upsets me, considering there is absolutely nothing wrong with being without a partner. In fact, some people prefer to be single for a variety of reasons, while others refuse to be in a relationship because of the societal expectations that often influence them.

Who decided that being single is a bad thing? Why is it interpreted by so many as a failure in a way, when in reality being single allows us to deepen our independence and determine what it is we are looking for when a relationship comes along?

If you’re single, own it. Embrace it. And most of all, don’t be embarrassed by it.

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