This is how to give your eyes a workout

For anyone who spends a lot of time looking at a computer screen, tired and itchy eyes have likely become a consistent occurrence in your life. Looking at a screen all day is how a lot of us make an income, but unfortunately, the long-term effects of this sort of exposure can lead to consequential repercussions.

It’s a lot easier to stretch out areas of the body such as our arms and legs when they start to tense up than it is to stretch our eyes. There is a way to do just that, though, says an article from The Good News Network, and as it turns out, working the muscles that control our eyes is just as important as working any other muscle group in the body.

The article suggests yawning, exposing eyes to natural light, and blinking to reduce the potential for discomfort to settle in. Both blinking and yawning allow moisture to develop in the eye in order to instill lubrication, and exposing the eye to natural light acts as a sort of break in the amount of blue light exposure we get from a computer screen. If you’ve tried these suggestions and find that they don’t work for you, the article lists a couple of other tactics to try in an attempt to combat tired and agitated eyes.

“1) Directional eye stretch. Without moving your head, start by looking up, down, left, and right, fixing your eyes in that position for the duration of a breath. Inhale look up, exhale look down, etc.

“2) Focusing stretch. The human eye has four fields of vision, from our peripheral to our most forward-focused point. Keep your eyes fixed in one direction, cycle through focusing on each field of vision for the duration of a breath. Afterward, adjust the focus of your eyes to a point far in the distance back to something close to your face—and repeat.

“3) Stretching around the eyes. This is where most of the tension and cramps in achy eyes are stored. Closing your eyes, take the pads of your fingers and gently massage the areas below your eyes, just between your eyebrows and eyelids, and your temples.

“4) Palming. Palming acts a little like cupping in that you’re putting a little pressure via suction onto your eye sockets. To do so, place your elbows on your desk and cup your hands over your eyes, before gently leaning forward. Breathe slowly and hold for 30-40 seconds.”

Take a step back, angry eyes. You’ve met your match with these stretches.

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