Keeping calm with confrontation

Confrontation is arguably something we should all have some sort of familiarity with. Whether you’ve had to confront someone over something or someone has confronted you, it’s a concept that has significant relevance for a lot of us.

Considering how prominent confrontation is for so many of us, I find it interesting that it is widely feared and most of us try to avoid it. I recognize that it can be uncomfortable and awkward to call someone out on a fault, but I think we need to collectively make an effort to acknowledge that confrontation does not need to be as painful as we make it out to be.

I don’t believe anyone loves confronting someone about an issue at hand, but I do think the task can be carried out in a respectful, proactive manner. Granted, the severity of the confrontation depends on the severity of a given situation, but in most scenarios, it can be done calmly and cooperatively.

When I have to engage in confrontation, I try my best to remain neutral. By neutral I mean I avoid picking sides, as this can complicate the matter, but I also try to remain neutral towards the person I am confronting. Avoiding making assumptions and judgments about the person beforehand can help to resolve the issue quickly, and it can limit the amount of tension in the room, too.

I also try to remain positive. Commencing a confrontation with aggression or anger won’t help myself or the other person involved, and while it can be difficult to keep a cool head, it really is an effective practice when it comes time to have a conversation about a problem.

Confrontation is almost inevitable in life, therefore it makes sense to understand how to go about it in the best way possible. Doesn’t it?

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