How well do you think you know someone?

A few evenings ago, my mom and dad had some friends over for dinner. My sister and I joined them as we enjoy conversing with many of our parents friends, and sure enough, the evening was filled with great conversation and laughter.

We were chatting about a variety of things, but we eventually got into the topic of how we never really know who we are talking to when we are chatting with someone. By this I mean that so many of us are walking around with positive and negative experiences, and although we think we may have a relative understanding of who we think someone is, the truth of the matter is that we really don’t.

One of my responsibilities at my current job is bar tending. Working in this role, you meet a multitude of different folks, and through conversation, you come to learn a little bit about each other. The conversation had with my parents friends prompted me to contemplate the many people I’ve interacted with in my job and how I really don’t know a thing about them as a person, regardless of the minimal conversation I’ve had with them.

This ideology stems from the saying ‘be kind to everyone as you never know what someone is going through,’ and this concept is one I try my best to live by. There are billions of people on this planet, and all of us have endured and experienced all sorts of things that most people wouldn’t be aware of. Hence my point in saying that we really don’t know who exactly we’re talking to at any given moment.

Regardless if we think we know someone well or not, the idea that we are unaware of what’s going on in someone’s life remains true. Never assume you have a person entirely figured out.

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