Combatting chronic pain with THC

Since the legalization of cannabis here in Canada, there has been a tremendous push pertaining to researching how it can be beneficial in a medical context. There have been several positive findings already, and I’m happy to share there’s been yet another advantageous discovery regarding how cannabis can work to help people suffering from ailments, according to an article from The Good News Network.

“For the first time, researchers have conducted a clinical trial to demonstrate that extremely low and precise doses of inhaled THC—the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis—can effectively relieve pain, while avoiding the common side effects associated with cannabis use,” the article explains.

“The study, which was conducted by Israeli med-tech company Syqe Medical and published in the European Journal of Pain earlier this month, is the first scientific confirmation that microdosing—the process of using extremely low doses of active drug compounds to treat various conditions—actually works with cannabis.

“Although widely championed, there has been scarce scientific evidence to support or even fully explore claims of microdosing benefits and safety until now. The placebo-controlled, double-blind, multi-dose study was conducted at Rambam Medical Center in Israel and examined blood THC levels, pain relief, cognitive functions and psychoactivity,” says the article.

“The study shows that an optimally effective dose to relieve pain is just 500 micrograms of THC. Syqe patients consume 3-4 inhalations per day, each up to 500 micrograms. A typical medical cannabis patient consumes 1 gram of 15% THC cannabis per day, which contains 150,000 micrograms of THC. This illustrates a key finding from the study that patients can benefit from dramatically lower doses,” the article explains.

Considering how debilitating chronic pain can be, I believe these findings to be absolutely stupendous, and I am curious to see what other sorts of discoveries can be made regarding cannabis and how it can combat this condition.

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