Here’s why it is so important to be transparent in relationships

Honesty, as we are all aware, is a crucial component in any romantic relationship. There are a few other musts that typically preside in a relationship, for example, trust, kindness, patience, etc. But, personally, I believe many other important traits in a relationship stem from one pivotal one; honesty.

Honesty is similar to transparency in the sense that by being transparent with a partner, you are being completely and totally honest as you are not keeping anything from them, both physically and emotionally. Without honesty, things like trust and loyalty will wither and eventually fade out, leaving behind a tarnished and broken foundation on which a relationship once stood.

Over the years, I’ve come to recognize just how prevalent dishonesty is in a lot of serious relationships. It’s a finding I believe to be a bit saddening, as I truly wasn’t aware of how much dishonesty can occur within a seemingly loving and normal relationship. Witnessing the consequences and issues that can develop as a result of non-transparency is even more saddening, and it is unfortunate to acknowledge how common it is.

There are aspects in life that we may not want to share with our partner. Perhaps we are feeling embarrassed, or we fear we will be judged; maybe we are worried about potentially disappointing our partner and therefore do not disclose the entire truth to the person we love. It is understandable why dishonesty sometimes occurs in relationships, but regardless of our concerns or fears about being open with your partner, it’s usually better to be upfront than not.

At the end of the day, transparency and relationships go hand in hand, just as transparency and honesty do. It is so important to be fully and entirely truthful with the person we love, and I assure you the benefits will far outweigh the disadvantages.

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