Here’s why you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself

Self-pity, while a rather unattractive practice, is a bit of an inevitable one in this thing we call life. We are human, and therefore act, feel and behave as humans do, so sometimes we succumb to the temptation to feel bad for ourselves regarding a particular unfortunate event.

Self-pity is a very normal occurrence from time-to-time, and while it can be a very powerful influence over our minds and bodies, it isn’t an advantageous one. Rather, it is the complete opposite; feeling bad for ourselves ultimately achieves nothing but sensations of despair, isolation and sadness, and it certainly isn’t the best route to take when it comes to grappling with unpleasant emotions and/or feelings.

I’ve personally always hated self-pity, whether it be myself exhibiting it or someone else. Perhaps this is an indication that I am not necessarily the most empathetic person, but for me, I don’t see much point or purpose in allowing ourselves to mope about something that has happened to us that we wish hadn’t. All of us encounter hardships and challenges in life, some of us more than others. So why would it be a good idea to invest any of our time, effort or emotion into something so pointless?

Life isn’t easy, and there will be times when we simply aren’t exactly feeling like ourselves because of something that may have happened. And that’s okay. What isn’t okay, however, is when we allow ourselves to lose sight of the bigger picture and become completely and entirely obscured with thoughts of self-pity. Feeling sorry for ourselves is arguably one of the most ineffective ways to muster our inner strength and continue moving forward, and we would likely be far better off channeling the sadness and hopelessness we are experiencing into something far more beneficial, for example, overcoming whatever it is that we are feeling badly about.

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