The importance of finding our passions

To find something in life that we are truly passionate about is a wonderful thing. Discovering something that brings us utmost joy and happiness is one of the beauties of life itself, and going throughout life without a passion is something I can’t imagine to be overly pleasant.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not we put enough emphasis on exploring and adhering to what we are passionate about. Our world, unfortunately, places tremendous value on monetary value, materialism and work, and while all of these things are important in their own way and to an extent, I believe engaging with what makes us happy is far too often overlooked, shunted, and ignored.

I ask you to take a moment to consider what you are passionate about. What comes to mind when you contemplate what you truly enjoy doing and investing time and effort into? I believe a lot of us are entirely unaware of our passions, or perhaps have become out of touch with what once brought us contentment.

Life can get pretty crazy, and it is absolutely possible, if not expected, that there will be periods throughout the duration of our lives in which we are not able to spend as much time doing something we are passionate about as often as we may like to. But that isn’t to say that our passions should be sidelined, because they serve as a break in life from constant responsibilities, like work, for example.

Passions are an element of life we should all have the opportunity to experience. Regardless of what it is that lights a fire under your ass, explore it, commit to it, and maintain it. The purpose of passions and what they can do for us is of incredible significance, and, to be blunt, without them, life would be pretty fucking shitty, in my own humble opinion.

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