Here’s how to be happier

Happiness is something all of us should have the opportunity to experience over the course of our lives. Without it, life would be rather bleak, and I’m not exactly sure what our planet would look like or how it would function in the absence of joy.

It is disheartening to acknowledge that there are some of us who are not happy, and may never feel the power of true, pure happiness. This could be for a variety of reasons that are beyond one’s control, although in most cases, we are able to manifest and yield our own happiness, and it is unrealistic and unhealthy to rely on someone other than ourselves to be happy.

I’m no Gandhi, but I have learned some major lessons over the past few years that have unveiled ways in which I can be a happier, kinder person. Life lessons like these ones are often hard to learn, but their advantages far outweigh the negatives in the grand scheme of things.

Here are few things I’ve adopted or began practicing in the past little while that have enabled me to heighten my happiness:

  • Not giving a damn about what others think about me, my family, friends, and loved ones
  • Not wasting time, effort and emotions worrying about something that is beyond my control (this is one I still struggle with, as many of us do)
  • Removing influences from my life that are a source of negativity
  • Being myself, unapologetically, and refusing to alter who I am to please someone else
  • Understanding there are things worth stressing over, and others that are not
  • Asking myself, when I am anxious or overwhelmed about something, if in one year from now the situation will remain relevant
  • Learning and practicing patience with loved ones

I’m not going to lie and act as though I do all of these things perfectly on a daily basis, because I’m human and we often make mistakes. However, putting the effort in to be a happier person is usually the hardest component in an equation like this one, and taking the initiative to better ourselves if what counts most.

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