Little things, big impact

I apologize if I am sounding a bit like a broken record as I am certain I composed a post on the same subject matter not that long ago, but hear me out. I very much feel as though the ‘little things’ in life that pack a big punch are so often overlooked, and it saddens me considering they’re capable of providing significant happiness for little effort.

I was trying to brainstorm some little things with big impacts to compile a list, if you will, to share with all of you. These things provide me with joy, and while they may not have the same outcome for everyone, I’m wagering most folks would agree with me on these.

  • Finishing off a bag of milk with just enough contents in it to fill your bowl of cereal perfectly
  • Grabbing the toast out of the toaster just before it starts to burn
  • Making something in a frying pan without having any residue stuck on afterwards
  • Holding strong with a view point or belief that no one agrres with, only to wait and have them come back and tell you that you were in the right all along
  • Trying a new food or beverage and absolutely loving it
  • Expressing a major pet peeve of yours that you consider to be odd with someone who entirely agrees with you
  • Trying on an old pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in a long time and discovering they still fit
  • Listening to rain and thunder while trying to fall asleep, cozied up in bed
  • Smalling fresh flowers on a warm, spring day
  • Sniffing fresh baked cookies as the scent wafts through the house
  • Finding money in a spot you forgot you placed it in

Can you think of some other small things that deliver tremendous results?

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