The beauty of remaining silent when you have nothing nice to offer

It’s a philosophy that we arguably all have heard at some point or another, but regardless of its prominence, the concept of staying silent when we have nothing nice to say is one that remains absolutely relevant, and likely will continue to be, infinitely. It’s a rather simple yet effective ideology, and I believe it is one a lot more of us could benefit from practicing regularly, especially in today’s day-and-age and all things COVID.

Once we allow ourselves to slow down and actually interpret the ways in which we communicate with one another, it becomes apparent rather quickly that a lot of us, plainly put, are assholes. We have zero regard for how our words may affect others, and think only of ourselves when discussing certain subject matters that may be offensive or problematic for someone else present in the conversation. The idea of ‘reading the room’ is one that is discussed more often than ever before, yet it isn’t implemented as often as it should be.

Sometimes, I think we say things that are unnecessarily nasty because we like the idea of getting the last word in. In case no one has said this before, getting the last word in, normally, doesn’t mean shit, and if you’re deliberately being nasty in an attempt to get the last word in, you’re just a dick. There is a stark difference between being remembered for offering something constructive via words in conversation versus being remembered for being an absolute douche, and I think most of us would rather be associated with the first component of this sentence. I would hope so, anyway.

If you have nothing positive, helpful, informative or educational to say, but instead have vile or hurtful comments to share verbally, do yourself and everyone else a favour and shut the hell up.

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