Here’s why you should watch any ‘Untold’ series on Netflix

Blaine, my husband, is an avid sports fan. He always has been, to the best of my knowledge, and he’s been playing hockey and baseball since he was a wee guy.

Blaine actually wanted to become a sports broadcaster. Ultimately, life took him in a different direction, but if there is anyone capable of doing this job, it is Blaine, without a doubt. This man possesses more knowledge about sports, stats and athletes than a bloody sports dictionary, and I am not kidding when I say the information he retains is mind-blowing. You can ask Blaine a question about any sport, athlete or statistic, and he will have an answer for you.

It’s seriously incredible.

Because of his passion for athletics, you can bet that Blaine watches a lot of sports via television, social media and streaming services. He and I use Netflix, so when Netflix’s first Untold story premiered, we tuned in to watch it.

We have watched every other Untold series that Netflix has covered, and they’re fucking incredible. They’re a series of documentary-style short films about various sports and intriguing stories within them, and believe me when I say some of these true stories are batshit insane. To further the insanity, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about these events and incidents already because most of them really are that nuts.

I think I watch a whopping total of about five sports games in a given year, and even I find this series on Netflix interesting. The documentary-style approach to these stories is executed well, and they’re arguably some of the better documentaries I’ve seen in regard to how they are portrayed; there is a nice balance between footage and interviews, and there is some appreciated dramatic-relief mixed in when needed.

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or you couldn’t care less, I highly recommend the Untold films on Netflix.

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