Lyme flare-ups: a how-to guide

In case you’re new to my blog, I have Lyme disease.

I realize that sentence is rather blunt, but I tell it like it is, my friends.

If you’ve been following my blog to any extent, regardless of consistency, you’re probably aware I have Lyme disease because I write about it here and there. You might go so far as to consider my health condition old news if you’re feeling particularly feral today.

In short, some folks are fortunate enough to entirely remove Lyme disease from their bodies and be cured. Most folks, however, are not able to cure it; rather, you determine how to best manage and cope with your specific symptoms, and furthermore, you determine what things to avoid in hopes of dodging a flare-up.

A Lyme flare-up, in my own words, is basically a period of time during which your Lyme disease symptoms are worsened as a result of external factors. Perhaps you’ve exposed yourself to some heavy metals or gnarly toxins; maybe you’ve ingested something that has triggered inflammation; maybe you have no fucking clue what has induced the flare-up, which, sadly, happens more often than not when you’re dealing with this delightful disease.

Whether or not you can pinpoint the reason behind the flare-up, they’re not fun, and you feel like a bag of dog shit with legs. Personally, I know I’m having a Lyme flare-up when regardless of how much sleep I get, I am truly exhausted; when my limbs quite literally feel like cement; my joints bother me, specifically my knees, hips and elbows; my head doesn’t feel quite right in the sense I experience brain fog and have a hell of a time concentrating. Out of all of the lovely symptoms I endure with a flare-up, I would have to say the most frustrating thing to grapple with is the brain fog. That shit is hella annoying.

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