Suffering from allergies? Read this

Fortunately, I am not someone who suffers from seasonal allergies. At least, I don’t think I do; I’ll get a little stuffy and have a bit of a scratchy throat after cutting grass sometimes, but that’s about the extent of my allergy symptoms.

While I personally am not a victim of seasonal allergies, plenty of people are, and I have witnessed first-hand amongst my friends how seriously fucking awful allergies can be. So, with it being that time of year and all, I thought I would see what sort of allergy hacks I could find to possibly somewhat alleviate the severity of allergy symptoms for anyone currently feeling a wee big rough. This information comes from


You may have heard that eating locally sourced honey will help your body build an immunity to airborne pollens in your environment. Sadly, the verdict is still out on this one. Doctors reason that it’s not guaranteed that the specific pollen that you’re having adverse reactions will be the same found in the honey—even if it’s local. Still, honey is naturally antibacterial, and taking a tablespoon can soothe and protect an inflamed and scratchy throat during allergy season. Try Manuka honey, made in New Zealand, which contains a higher concentration of antibacterial compounds than other types of honey.


Nasal irrigation has been on the rise for good reason. In one study, people suffering from chronic sinus issues reported a 64% improvement in symptoms with the use of a neti pot. Positive effects were also reported for those suffering from seasonal allergies with no adverse side effects.


A simple home cleaning may not only help to ease seasonal allergies, but also give you peace of mind. Although they are not seasonal, dust and pet dander (if you have a dog or cat) can further aggravate your seasonal symptoms. If you find that dust and dander accumulate quickly in your home, consider investing in a high-efficiency particulate air filter with your vacuum for maximum effect, or invest in a HEPA air purifier. Similarly, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes! These can also accumulate dust and unwanted irritants and come into close contact with our sinuses,” the web page states.

Check back tomorrow for some more helpful tips regarding allergies and how to combat their effects.

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