Gardening hacks

Perhaps I’m a little early with this post, but with spring approaching, I thought it might be neat to do some research and determine ways to enhance your gardening game. I’m no gardener myself, but my sister is, and I help her with her garden, which she uses for her business, on occasion. Whether you … More Gardening hacks

The dangers of activist trespassing

I recently heard about two separate incidents involving dairy farms and animal activists – one in Ontario and one in the U.S. One of the incidents involved animal activists trespassing onto the farmer’s property and entering their dairy barn without permission to emphasize their disapproval of dairy farming and other producers in the industry. While … More The dangers of activist trespassing

Respect for tobacco

There is a chance you glimpsed at the title of this post and thought to yourself, “what in the actual hell? How could anyone respect something that has such a negative connotation affiliated with it?” And these thoughts are warranted, assuming you’re not familiar with the rich heritage tobacco has in the province of Ontario. … More Respect for tobacco

A hate for tobacco

An article from discusses the findings of a new report from scientists at Imperial College London that shows six trillion cigarettes, produced annually, can influence climate change, water and land use, and toxicity. It goes on to detail how the process of farming tobacco leads to significant land use, water consumption, use of pesticides and … More A hate for tobacco

Animal activists are causing bodily harm attempting “outreach” to truckers

Before I delve into this topic, I want to state that the purpose of this post is not to insult or criticize anyone’s personal opinions or views towards the consumption of meat. I eat meat personally, but I respect those who don’t. I feel it is important to make mention of this before I begin. … More Animal activists are causing bodily harm attempting “outreach” to truckers

Here’s how Hawaii’s farming industry has been pummeled by weather

An article from the Washington Post recently caught my attention. Written by Breena Kerr and Lynh Bui, it’s opening line reads “Historic, torrential April rains on the island of Kauai wiped out much of Hawaii’s taro crops — the main ingredient in poi and a staple carb of the island diet.” So often when we hear … More Here’s how Hawaii’s farming industry has been pummeled by weather

Are Dollar Beers Really A Good Thing?

Doug Ford’s ‘Buck A Beer’ legislation is definitely a prominent topic of conversation in Ontario as of late, arguably for obvious reasons. People are pumped, and on a surface level, dollar beers seem like a fantastic idea. Everyone saves money, everyone is happy, right? Not according to some Ontario breweries, an article by CBC reports. … More Are Dollar Beers Really A Good Thing?

Here’s How Social Media Destroyed this Local Farm

An article by The Globe and Mail discussing how social media has potentially devastated the Bogle sunflower farm in Ontario has myself and many other individuals reeling. The Bogles’ family farm consists of breath-taking fields of colourful and vibrant sunflowers which, prior to now, was open to tourists to enter and take photos in. The Bogles’ … More Here’s How Social Media Destroyed this Local Farm

Suicide Amongst Farmers

An article by Irina Ivanova titled “Farmers are Killing Themselves In Staggering Numbers” caught my attention the other day when it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. I was aware that mental illness and suicide is prevalent in the farming community, but this article allowed me to recognize just how severe … More Suicide Amongst Farmers

How Reliable is PETA?

I recently viewed a PETA video, narrated by Kat Graham, depicting the horrid condition of several hen barns in British Columbia. Unkept, inhumane, and blatantly unacceptable, the barns that were featured in this video are a poor example of how farming occurs in Canada. I am completely and entirely against animal cruelty in any way, … More How Reliable is PETA?

Small Town Living

I identify as someone who thoroughly enjoys living in a small town. So often you hear negative comments about small towns, or even living in the countryside, but for those who have yet to experience small town living, these comments really are inaccurate. It is hard for me to articulate in words what exactly it … More Small Town Living

Ontario Farm Fresh

It’s arguable that you’ve detected my passion for agriculture and supporting farmers, therefore it should come as no surprise that I advocate for the website Ontario Farm Fresh. Ontario Farm Fresh is essentially a website that provides information about farmers and their farms in Ontario, encouraging site visitors to visit them and in turn buy … More Ontario Farm Fresh

Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

So often I encounter individuals who are extremely uninformed about agricultural practices in Canada, specifically Ontario. I do not mean this as an insult; rather, as an observation. I have been passionate about agriculture and farming for as long as I can remember. Being born and raised, and further working on my family farm has taught … More Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario

My mom and dad recently returned home from their vacation to North Carolina. They drove down, therefore they made several stops in small farm towns, and they spent a majority of their time in Raleigh and Durham. Regarding Durham in particular, my parents were astounded with the tobacco heritage that continues to exist there current … More The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario

Better Farming Magazine

Better Farming is the biggest and best magazine for Ontario’s business farmers, according to their website. It was launched by AgMedia in 1999 and continues the proud tradition of editorial excellence of its predecessor, Farm & Country. Better Farming‘s professional approach to ag journalism sets them apart from other agricultural media outlets and defines their service … More Better Farming Magazine

The 2017 Norfolk County Fair’s Faces of Women in Agriculture Panel

On Friday evening my mom, grandma and I went to the Norfolk County Fair’s very first Women in Agriculture Panel. The event was organized independently by my own sister, Danielle, and I could not be more proud of how successfully she executed this panel. The tremendous work she dedicated to this project is worthy of recognition, … More The 2017 Norfolk County Fair’s Faces of Women in Agriculture Panel

The Increasing Popularity of Plant-Based Proteins

Veganism and furthermore vegetarianism have truly increased in popularity in recent years. Vegetarianism is a concept that has existed for decades, however veganism is more recent in its existence yet it continues to gain recognition in contemporary society. Vegetarianism is the choice to abstain from eating any animal-based protein, for example meat or fish. Veganism … More The Increasing Popularity of Plant-Based Proteins