How to Cope With Nerves

Being nervous is a crappy experience. You try your best to ignore the gnawing sensation in your stomach, but often times it seems as though no matter what you do, the feelings of unease fail to cease.

I experience feelings of nervousness quite often. I think this is a result of my anxiety, and it is incredibly frustrating. Although I have yet to come across an absolute solution to abolish nerves, I do have a few coping mechanisms I practice, and I hope they can be of aid to someone else.

  1. Take a warm bath/shower. I find that soaking in a tub or taking a hot shower can be an effective way to diminish feelings of unease. As cliche as it sounds, the thought of washing your body and mind free of nervous thoughts in the shower can trick yourself into believing that the feelings of anxiety have decreased. Allow your mind and body to relax and attempt to convince yourself that you’re cleansing yourself of negativity.
  2. Distract yourself. Find a good book to read, watch a television show or a movie, or play a game. Whatever it is that you do to relax and de-stress, try doing so for half an hour or so and truly focus on whatever it is you’re engaging in. Chances are if you’re really focused on the task at hand, you won’t be thinking about whatever it is that’s making you nervous.
  3. Exercise. Whether it be intense cardio, going for a walk, or doing some light yoga, exercising releases endorphins in the body which trigger feelings of positivity. It is also a way to distract yourself from negative thoughts, and breaking a sweat is always a good thing.

These strategies are sometimes incredible effective for me personally, and while I cannot guarantee that they will work for everyone, they’re worth a shot.

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