My Internship Experience

As part of the Public Relations program I am in the process of finishing up through Niagara College, myself and my fellow colleagues are expected to complete a one-month internship at a company or organization in the Niagara region, performing Public Relations duties and work. I was placed at CAA Niagara, the Thorold branch, and although I am only a few days into my internship experience, I wanted to share my experiences thus far.

I was rather nervous for my first day as I was completely unsure of what to expect, but so far I am thoroughly enjoying my internship. I have already completed several tasks for CAA Niagara, for example, writing blog posts, drafting social media content, and brainstorming a social media strategy for the branch, and I am thrilled to be doing such relevant work this early-on. I am working closely with an individual who is a Public Relations Specialist for CAA Niagara, and she has been of tremendous help to me in my internship role. She is incredibly accommodating, reassuring and helpful, and I am so grateful to be working with her.

I think having an internship as an academic component of any program is an incredibly effective way for a student to get a sense of what to expect in entry-level positions in their field of study. Internships provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on, real-time learning, and I think it is a fantastic way to teach students the basics before entering the workforce.

I am so grateful to have been placed at such a wonderful company with a warm and positive organizational culture, and I look forward to the projects I will be assisting with in the near future.

In the meantime, feel free to check out CAA Niagara’s social media:

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