What is Hydrotherapy?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been seeing a naturopath regarding my stomach and the food sensitivities and intolerances I deal with. These visits are what actually inspired my blog post regarding how the gut and the skin are so closely connected.

After learning about my intolerance to potatoes, my naturopath recommended hydrotherapy to me, a practice that aids in the drainage that occurs through the body’s lymphatic system. She explained to me that a majority of the toxins that have accumulated in my body as a result of consuming potatoes are residing in my colon, and hydrotherapy is helpful in removing said toxins from the body.

Hydrotherapy is practiced by some naturopaths, and it involves using water for natural pain relief, detoxification, and treatment. There are a variety of ways in which an individual can practice hydrotherapy, but its overall purpose is to stimulate circulation within the body in various contexts.

The way in which my naturopath practices hydrotherapy involves hot and cold towels. She asked me to lay on a table with hot towels covering my body from my neck to my hips, followed by a very cold towel, and finally a dry towel. She left each towel on for roughly ten minutes, and once the cycle was completed she did the same on my back. Further, while the towels were covering my torso, she placed a muscle stimulant slightly below the base of my neck to encourage my lymphatic system to kick into gear and begin the process of toxin removal. She placed another just below my ribs on my right side.

She recommended repeating this treatment once a week for best results, but she did also give me some instructions to perform hydrotherapy on myself at home. I find the treatment to be quite fascinating, and I look forward to updating you with my overall conclusions once the treatments have concluded.

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