Is There A ‘Right’ Way to Recover from An Eating Disorder?

My mom recently showed me an article she came across written by a woman who thoroughly researches eating disorder recovery. This woman experienced an eating disorder herself and still remains in recovery, and the article contains her account of how to go about recovering from an eating disorder in the most effective means possible.

Reading the article, I couldn’t help but disagree with a lot of what she was arguing. Some of her methods regarding eating disorder recovery made sense to me, but others did not. My disagreement towards her strategies got me thinking, ‘is there a right way to recover from an eating disorder?’

In my opinion, the answer is no, there isn’t a designated correct way to achieve eating disorder recovery. Why? I believe each person who experiences this type of mental illness approaches and achieves recovery in a variety of ways, and I do not believe one method of recovery is more adequate, or effective than another.

What works for one person may not be applicable for another when it comes to recovery. Eating disorders are subjective in how they impact each person, and further in how they are interpreted by each person. Further, there are different types of eating disorders, and claiming that there is one guaranteed recovery method for all types is, quite blatantly, ignorant. For example, someone suffering from anorexia may be advised to increase their calorie intake, whereas someone suffering from binge eating disorder would find this same advice to be detrimental if they’re looking to recover.

These opinions are entirely my own, but I strongly believe having an awareness of the different types of eating disorders and further the various methods of recovery is proactive in regard to helping someone suffering. There is no right or wrong way to recover. There is only improvement.

Photo credit: ·S on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND


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