Is your anxiety a burden for others?

I’ve addressed anxiety and the many struggles that accompany it before, but recent events have led me to re-visit the topic.

Anxiety is hands down one of the most burdening things to deal with on a daily basis. Your own thoughts turn against you, and at times, it feels as though you’re swallowing yourself whole. Depending on each person who deals with anxiety, sometimes the only thing you wish to do is simply talk to someone about how, or what you’re feeling. I’ve come to the realization that not all people are so receptive towards my need to talk about my anxiety, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s the people who mean the most to me.

I completely realize that it is extremely difficult for someone to attempt to understand where you’re coming from if they have never dealt with anxiety themselves. You tell them what you’re feeling and thinking, and their response is to ‘get a grip’ or ‘get a handle on it.’

Sorry, but it simply isn’t that simple.

In time, it has become apparent to me who I can go to, to talk about my anxiety, my sister being my foremost choice. My sister has never dealt with anxiety (bless her) yet she tries her absolute hardest to grasp the concept of this type of mental illness. Most of the time she probably thinks my worries and concerns are completely barbaric (because that’s what anxiety does), yet never does she tell me my worries are insignificant or unwarranted. She encourages me to see the bigger picture and to designate some coping mechanisms, but never in a condescending or unsupportive manner.

One person’s anxiety may be a burden for another. Recognize the people in your life that welcome your need to vent and try to understand what’s bothering you. Don’t waste your time trying to change the opinion of those who refuse to be so accepting.

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