Making time for yourself

In a world that’s more inundated with distractions, consumerism, and technology more than ever before, it can be quite difficult at times to set aside some ‘me’ time. Perhaps when you do finally take some time to sit down and relax, you actually find yourself feeling guilty, because you know there are things waiting for your attention that need to get done.

It’s not a fun time.

Since I’ve started working full time, and I’m no longer a student, I’ve definitely seen a decrease in the free time I’m able to enjoy. School was definitely stressful in terms of the workload that was often present, but oddball class hours and gaps between often served as options to chillax for a bit.

Yes, I still use the term chillax. Don’t judge me.

I’m certainly not suggesting that I am suddenly so overwhelmingly busy that I fail to have time to do anything outside of work, because that is not the case. However, the free time I do have to enjoy is more limited than it has been for quite some time, hence the topic of this post.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in everyday distractions and commitments, and sometimes this progresses so intensely we wear ourselves down. Between work, school, commuting, family, friends, relationships, chores, and other responsibilities, we’re an insanely busy society, and I think people are beginning to notice just how unhealthy being excessively preoccupied can be.

Even if it’s ten minutes every two hours, or a half hour evening, make a solid effort to take some time out of your day to benefit yourself. Practice breathing exercises. Read a book. Listen to music. Go for a walk. Make a meal. Whatever it is that allows you to relax, and temporarily disassociate yourself from the business of life, do it.

You need to.

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