Cursed with a black thumb? Try a Bella Palm

Keeping plants alive has never been my strength. My struggle to do so is perhaps surprising, considering my mom and sister are fantastic gardeners, and my dad, along with his experience with tobacco, ginseng, chickens and cash crop, was a tree farmer in the past with the help of my mom.

You would think I would perhaps inherit the ability to care for plants, but alas, this gene skipped me entirely after my sister got it.

Despite my struggle to nurture and care for all things green, I have been having pretty good luck with my Bella Palm. I picked this guy up a little while ago from a local gardening centre, and so far, it’s still alive, which is a tremendous victory for me. And actually, in addition to being alive, the plant is actually flourishing, something I never thought I would achieve in my lifetime.

It’s probable that the reason I haven’t yet killed this little friend is because it’s quite low maintenance. Here is a snippet of the requirements involved in caring for a Bella Palm:

Not too difficult, right?

I have been able to successfully abide by every suggestion seen in the image above but one.

You can probably guess which one it is. Yea, it’s the fertilizer.

I haven’t fertilized this little (but growing) guy yet, and I’ve had it for about a month. Possibly two months. I can’t remember when exactly I got it, and perhaps it’s too early to tell, but the thing is growing so I think it’s doing okay.

I keep it in my room, which I think is a space that, for most people, makes the suggestions easy to follow. If you don’t have access to sunlight in your room, try putting the plant outside in the sunshine for a couple of hours each day (weather depending) where it can thrive.

Plants can be fickle things, but there are many varieties that are similar to the Bella Palm in terms of low maintenance.

Give it a shot. You might surprise yourself.

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