Fed up with the weather? Think about the farmers

If you’re a resident of Ontario, chances are you’re probably wondering what in the heck it is that Mother Nature is all in a dither over.

I shouldn’t say Ontario specifically. The weather is wonky all across the country, and worldwide.

From what I’ve gathered, most of us are rather fed up with the so-called Spring we’re having. Sunny days are becoming about as common as flying pigs, and the temperature is comparable to relatively average temperatures in the Fall. I know I’ve never been witnessed a Spring that’s been as cold or as wet as this current one has in my life, and my parents have said the same.

I ask you to consider something, though. Why is it that we’re bothered by this weather? The answer is arguably because the cool and wet outdoors at this time of year are inconveniencing our typically warm-weather activities. Pools haven’t been opened, gardens and flowerbeds are looking drab, and we haven’t yet been able to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

Now I ask you to compare your inconveniences to the livelihoods of the farmers who are hanging on by a thread because their crops are so behind.

I believe many of us are completely unaware of how detrimental this weather is for members of the agricultural industry, which is quite concerning. The cool temperatures and excessive rains we’ve been experiencing have significantly delayed crop production, putting many farmers and their families in jeopardy.

This isn’t being addressed in mainstream media, nor is it being discussed amongst ourselves. I question why this is, considering farmers work to provide us with the food we eat every single day.

Farmers are struggling right now, and we need to see and hear them. We need to advocate for them and make their voices heard – it’s the least we can do for them, considering everything they do for us.

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