Do you use oregano oil?

Oregano oil has been a staple in my household for quite some time now. And, quite honestly, for good reason.

In my family, we typically make use of oregano oil to prevent or fight off illnesses in their early stages. We also take it while ill in an attempt to decrease the severity of whatever we may be sick with.

I’m no doctor, so please do not take my family’s use of this stuff as medical advice. It’s always to consult your physician before dabbling in new elements when it comes to our health.

Not that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at just how awesome oregano oil is. This information comes from an article via Healthline.

Lowering cholesterol: “Oregano oil has been shown to lower cholesterol in studies of people and mice with high cholesterol. This is thought to be the result of the compounds carvacrol and thymol,” the article explains.

An antioxidant powerhouse: “Fresh oregano has a very high antioxidant content that is much higher than that of most fruits and vegetables, gram per gram. The antioxidant content is concentrated in oregano oil,” says the article.

A digestive aid: “Oregano oil may benefit gut health by killing gut parasites and protecting against a leaky gut,” the article states.

A cancer conquerer: “Preliminary studies have shown that the most abundant compound in oregano oil, carvacrol, inhibits cancer cell growth and causes cell death in lung, liver and breast cancer cells,” as stated in the article.

A weight-loss promoter: “Oregano oil may be beneficial for weight loss through the action of carvacrol, though human studies are needed,” the article says.

I also put a couple of drops of oregano oil on my toothbrush daily to help eliminate bacteria and *potentially* combat plaque. This is something I heard from a family member, though, therefore I can’t attest to its legitimacy.

Evidently, oregano oil is some good shit.

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