Are you too hard on yourself?

Self-discipline is a concept that is introduced and further instilled in many of us from a young age. It’s a great skill to have as it can be relevant in a variety of different contexts and situations, and overall, I would say it is more beneficial to have self-discipline than it is to lack it.

That being said, I think it is worth mentioning that sometimes we can get a little too carried away with self-discipline, depending on who we are, which oftentimes results in us being far too hard on ourselves.

Personally, I am very hard on myself. I’ve unfortunately inherited this characteristic from my mother, and I’ve come to realize just how prevalent this issue has become in my life in recent years. I’m also an impatient person, therefore the combination of these two traits can be pretty overwhelming at times, if I am being entirely honest.

I’m the type of person who becomes very frustrated with myself if I am having difficulty picking up a new skill or concept, for example. If I am unable to learn something new in under ten minutes (depending on what it is), I get very irritated and angry at myself because I feel as though I am incompetent, or something along those lines.

I realize how ridiculous this may sound to someone who doesn’t struggle with balancing self-acceptance and self-discipline, but the conflict is very real for those of us who deal with this sort of thing.

While possessing a strong sense of self-discipline is more often positive than it is negative, if you’re finding that you have difficulty cutting yourself any slack or making exceptions for yourself from time to time, there is a chance you’re being too hard on yourself. There is a fine line between being resilient and being unrealistic, and it is crucial to determine where the balance hangs in between.

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