Why do we make other people’s relationships our business?

Relationships are something a majority of us are affiliated with. Because there are so many forms of relationships, for example, romantic, familial, and friendship (to name a few), we don’t always dedicate a tremendous level of consciousness to the fact that relationships, in all forms, are subjective and personal. Everyone experiences relationships differently, and ultimately, they’re no ones business except for the people directly involved.

That being said, I find it a tad incredulous that we have been socially condoned to believe that we have the right to meddle in other people’s relationships and offer our opinions of them, specifically romantic ones.

Here’s a personal example. Blaine and I have been together for just about six and a half years now and have been engaged since January. I’m not exaggerating when I say people have made comments regarding our relationship since we started dating years ago, and we still encounter these comments.

I try my best to refrain from taking anything said personally, but after a while, unnecessary opinions coming from individuals who ultimately have no place giving commentary about our relationship gets old. And, honestly, it’s a little bit insulting, too.

Why do we abide by the belief that it is socially acceptable to give opinions about people’s relationships? If the relationship is toxic or dangerous, I can see the relevance. Concern for someone in an unhealthy relationship is undoubtedly necessary. But outside of this context, it isn’t acceptable.

Relationships are personal things, specifically romantic ones. They are essentially irrelevant to others unless there is an issue, and I think it would be beneficial for more of us to understand this concept. It is wrong to assume we have the right to ridicule someone else’s relationship, and if this statement is bothersome to you, there’s a chance you’re the problem.

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