The dangers of denial

Denial is an interesting thing. Regardless of the situation at hand in which denial is present, I have always found it relatively fascinating that we as human beings are capable of convincing ourselves of something that is entirely opposing to truth. Even more interesting, in my opinion, is that when engaged in intensely and religiously, a person in denial comes to a point that they believe the lies they are telling themselves to be absolutely true.

When in denial, a person will essentially do everything in their power to challenge whatever it is that they fail to be in agreement with. Whether the premise for the denial is familial, between partners, in a friendship, or in a job, to offer a few examples, the person in denial will eventually become so obsessed with their own thoughts and opinions towards a matter that they will lose sight of reality.

Denial can certainly be a dangerous thing if it is associated with a serious scenario or if the person practicing it becomes forceful or aggressive towards anyone who challenges their mindset. But, based on my own observations and interactions with people, in most cases denial is mild and can be properly addressed and resolved if tackled early enough.

Ultimately, denial isn’t exactly a great practice to take on. It’s difficult to comprehend the dangers of it if you haven’t experienced it, but I don’t think it’s necessarily difficult to comprehend how and why denial could turn into something potentially dangerous or concerning if it’s left to fester and gain traction.

If you think you might be in denial, consider talking to someone you trust about it. I’m no expert, so I do recommend seeking out professional help, but conversing with someone about it could help someone to figure out how to best approach the matter.

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