Here’s why laughter is so important

Humour is, to me, an essential component of daily life. I’ve always been intrigued by and attracted to humour, or anything that makes people laugh, really, and I’ve come to the realization that humour is an incredibly powerful tool to possess for different reasons.

A couple of days ago, I encountered a series of unfortunate events. I bashed my head off of a wooden beam and not too long after managed to coat myself in hydraulic oil, and rather than allowing my emotions to get the best of me, I chose to direct my feelings to a more comical approach and was actually able to laugh about the situation. I could have chosen to be angry and frustrated, and while I still was, I figured that there isn’t much else to do than laugh at that point, and it honestly changed my perspective towards the remainder of the day.

The ability to laugh is one we all have, and despite the cliche that is affiliated with laughter, it really is the best medicine. Laughing as a result of humour is such a freeing and liberating activity we all have the opportunity to engage in, and personally, I figure it’s best to always seize these opportunities with enthusiasm.

Granted, some days we simply don’t feel like laughing, and it can be difficult to designate humour in certain scenarios. But I firmly believe humour and laughter can be identified and practiced in a variety of predicaments, and I believe abiding by the ideology that humour and laughter are fantastic tools could truly help a lot of us for many different reasons.

Considering the current state of the world, I would argue that laughter and humour are a little scare. Rather than allowing ourselves to be negatively influenced by what we are facing right now, choose laughter and see where it takes you.

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