This is why counting calories is so toxic

Calorie restriction is a pretty popular component of a lot of diet plans around today. In fact, calorie restriction has been associated with the concept of dieting for a loooong time; too long, in my opinion.

For whatever reason, a lot of diet plans somewhat orientate themselves around the idea of not only cutting, but further counting calories. On a surface level, this practice seems like a logical one. Many of us are under the impression that reducing the number of calories we consume in a day is a sensible way to lose a couple of pounds, but unfortunately, it really isn’t sensible at all.

Speaking from experience, calorie restriction and counting is a practice that may never be something you’re able to stop doing, even if you’re no longer looking to diet or lose weight. I first started counting and restricting calories when I had an eating disorder; that was nine years ago, and I still unwillingly engage in the practice today.

I would love to be able to turn the voice in my head off that makes its presence known whenever I’m eating. I try my best to ignore it, but ultimately, the most effective strategy I’ve come across that helps to suppress the thoughts is being able to control them, and have control over them. Having the ability to acknowledge the thoughts without giving into them is a tremendous feat affiliated with eating disorder recovery, but it’s been nine years and I still have bad days.

If I could reverse time, I would never have engaged in counting and cutting calories had I been aware of the long term implications that can and typically do result from this weight-loss strategy. It is an incredibly toxic, dangerous, and problematic concept, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to refrain from involving ourselves with it.

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