Stop making time for people who can’t make time for you

Chances are that we have all, at one point or another, heard the expression ‘don’t make time for people who can’t make time for you.’ It’s a well-known saying, and really, it should be, as its message is a powerful and significant one to know and remember.

While most of us are familiar with this saying, I question how many of us practice it’s meaning. Sure, we can agree with the message in its entirety, but whether or not we choose to live in accordance with the message is another thing.

I’ve written about how shitty it is to feel neglected and/or excluded, and I believe the message from this common saying is absolutely affiliated with feeling as though we are being left out. When we make time for people but they can’t and won’t do the same for us, we’re left feeling how we would be if we had experienced exclusion or neglect; lonely, confused, and hurt.

I understand life can get hectic and it’s typically pretty busy for most of us, but there isn’t really an excuse for being unable to make time for a person who always makes time for others. Shit happens, which is inevitable, but if you’re noticing that you seem to be getting the short end of the stick more often than not, there is a good chance someone isn’t making time for you.

Being in this situation isn’t pleasant, but if there is a silver lining I suppose it can be identified in the sense that if someone isn’t making time for you, it might be time to move on or, if necessary, end the relationship you’re having with this person, whether it be family, a friend, or a partner. An inability to devote some time to someone who is important to us isn’t excusable.

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