Yes, eating late at night really is as bad as you think

For whatever reason, food just seems to taste better when consumed in the late hours of the evening. We all know eating late isn’t the best practice as it can be a hindrance to our metabolism, but from time to time, you gotta cave and raid the fridge after binging Netflix for hours and it’s suddenly 11p.m.

I have gotten into a bad habit of eating large quantities of junk food before crawling into bed, and reading an article from The Good News Network has put into perspective just how consequential this practice can be.

“All manner of subtle detriments can befall those who eat late at night, or even merely after the sun goes down.

“These can include heightened blood sugar, decreased insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and shallow sleep—a situation that if occurring in a chronic sense can build the foundation for all manner of disease including Alzheimer’s.

“The science behind this seemingly impossible-to-prevent, universal human behavior is not so much breakthrough research, but logical conclusions about human biology and evolution.

“Whatever you call the class of researchers that translate medical and nutritional sciences into articles for us laymen, they’re beginning to combine information about exercise, weather exposure, sleep and eating patterns, dietary content, and more to form a comprehensive template on how to build a functional medicine base that will itself serve to stave off many of the chronic diseases that plague our society,” the article explains.

The article goes into detail about how our bodies’ relationship with the sun and our how bodies react when sunlight dissipates can influence what we eat and how it is digested. I highly encourage you to check out the entire text, and in the meantime, perhaps, like me, reevaluate your entire existence with the realization that nighttime eating must, alas, conclude. *sigh*

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