Yesterday afternoon, I received a text from Bell reminding me that today is #BellLetsTalkDay. I made a mental note to be sure to use the hashtag across social media platforms as I normally do.

Last night, I got to thinking about the matter and realized I should probably put my thoughts onto some virtual paper. I sort of let my mind wander and wrote what was of significance.

I’m not one to normally be spontaneously inspired to write something down, but this was actually pretty enjoyable for me.

There are what may be considered to be triggers in my words, as a forewarning. I do not wish to upset anyone.


For me, #BellLetsTalkDay is an important one.

It is for a lot of people, I imagine.

It’s a day in which the conversation surrounding mental health and all of its grisly elements is de-stigmatized. Normalized, even.

We’ve come a long way in terms of the progression of mental health as a concept. A real thing, not a shushed and trodden upon mention like it was 20, 30 years ago.

We have come to a point in a context of social acceptance that discussing mental health is encouraged, if we wish to converse about it. It is recognized, but a true and widespread knowledge and understanding of what it does to a person remains a bit implicit.

Mental illness is ugly. Cruel.

It’s physically exhausting.

It’s unpredictable and it’s influence is monstrous.

It’s knowing you’re sick but too afraid to acknowledge it because that will make it real.

It’s avoiding conversations and concerns.

It’s shutting out and lashing out at the ones we love most. The ones who care the most.

It’s gut-wrenching. Painful.

It’s miserable. Debilitating. Infuriating.

For some of us, it’s too real.

And today we can talk about it.

Any day, we can talk about it.

You are enough. Always.

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