The reality of trying to plan a wedding in a pandemic

COVID-19 and all of its splendid baggage has, to put it plainly, fucked up a whole lot of different things, in all different contexts. I don’t necessarily know if there is anything that hasn’t somehow been affected by this pandemic, but if you know of something I’m missing, please do let me know.

Weddings, and the aspect of planning them, have been hugely influenced by the coronavirus, which is what the focus of this post is. Has COVID-19 ruined pretty well any and all types of events and planning? Yes. But for the sake of this post, let’s redirect our thoughts towards weddings.

My fiancé and I are planning on getting married on June 25, 2022. We decided on 2022 long before this bloody pandemic made its arrival known because we are renovating a house and didn’t want to be too overwhelmed with life’s plans, which, in hindsight, were going to be overwhelming regardless because of the coronavirus.

Trying to plan such a special day with so much hanging in the balance has been pure shit. I’m not going to sugar coat it; your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, and not being able to plan it in accordance with what you may have had in mind sucks. I may be preaching to the choir, and this isn’t a pity party, but rather an opportunity for me to spew verbal diarrhea about how shitty wedding planning has been for me thus far.

We do have some things locked into place and booked, but at this point in time, we likely will not be having a buck and doe, a bridal shower, nor quite possibly a bachelorette or stag. Yes, we can do our buck and doe virtually, which is what a lot of folks have been doing, though I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with the other celebrations. That is the worst component of this entire planning fiasco – how do you plan anything without knowing what state the world will be in by the time our wedding day rolls around?

I am trying to make the best of the situation, but I’m also human and I’m bitter, much like anyone else in this predicament. In my opinion, if you can plan and pull off a wedding during a pandemic, you can do just about anything.

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