Yes, you are stronger than you might think

Without going into too much detail, I was recently diagnosed with a not-so-great autoimmune disease. It’s been a long time coming as I’ve been feeling rough for just about a year now, with my symptoms getting progressively worse with time.

Once I learned about the condition I have, I had a good vent session with my mom about my frustrations with the situation, and further, all of the other health issues I’ve been dealing with for the past ten years. I explained to her how I am trying my absolute best to remain optimistic and acknowledge any and all of the positives with what I’m experiencing, although sometimes it is far too easy to succumb to sadness and self-pity and simply curl up in a ball and cry.

My mom pointed out to me how this recent shitty diagnosis, in combination with all of the other shit I have going on in regards to my health, is simply an example, and further an indication, of how resilient I can be when necessary. It was a pleasant reminder, as it isn’t difficult to lose focus on what we have going for us when facing a challenging scenario, and my mom’s comment got me thinking about how all of us are a hell of a lot stronger than we believe ourselves to be.

As humans, it really is incredible just how strong we can be when needed. We have the ability to be knocked over ten times and to stand back up again 11 times, and this choice to keep getting back up again, despite the pain and hardships we know we will experience, really is a remarkable example of how persistent we can be.

While we may not be aware of how strong we are until we are forced to be, never discredit your ability to keep pushing and overcoming obstacles. You just may amaze yourself.

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