Here’s how to better manage emotions

Emotions are something that all of us have, but they aren’t something all of can say we have tremendous and rigorous control over. Some of us fare better than others in this department, which is understandable considering we as people all have varying levels of sensitivity, but I thought it might be useful to discuss some methods to practice in an attempt to control emotion to a more effective degree.

I’m someone who varies emotionally depending on the subject matter. There are some things that significantly affect me emotionally, and others that don’t at all, much like a lot of other people, I would imagine. But, when I’m dealing with something in which I’m more sensitive than not, I try to keep a few things in mind to refrain from letting my emotions get the best of me.

If I can feel a full blown sob fest coming on, I try very hard to control my breathing. I find that, when I feel like I’m on the brink of bawling, taking slow, long, deep breaths helps me to calm down and grounds me. Breathing can make a huge difference when we are feeling especially emotional.

Something else I try my best to do when I’m feeling overly emotional is to talk to myself to bring myself back down to a more grounded level. I find speaking aloud to myself can tremendously help to diffuse a spike in emotion, even if talking to myself may be an indication I’m a bit of a psychopath.

Another method I’ll put into practice when I’m very emotional is distracting myself by shifting tasks at hand. I’ll try and do something physical, in particular, because I find for me personally it’s a great way to take my thoughts off of whatever it is that is making me overly emotional.

It may take some time to distinguish ways to control emotions, but it is absolutely possible. For everyone.

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