No, you don’t need to put up with shit you don’t want to

I am willing to bet that all of us, at one point or another, have been in a situation that we sincerely did not wish to be in. It’s inevitable, really; life isn’t all sunshine and butterflies, and sometimes, shit hits the fan.

Perhaps shit has hit more than the fan for some of us, but regardless of the velocity of the spray, I think you get my point.

Something I have come to learn over the course of my life and, more specifically, in my adult years, is that a lot of us put up with shit we absolutely do not need to. I’m not sure why so many of us are unfamiliar with this glorious moment of realization emphasizing that we don’t really owe anybody anything, but I sincerely hope it is a moment all of us have the privilege of experiencing. I think the reason a lot of us put up with more crap than we need to is that we’re apprehensive to speak up and voice our opinions and feelings on the matter making us miserable, but I’m here to tell you that you really don’t need to tolerate it if you don’t want to, in most cases.

As an example, say you have a friend that tends to make fun of you in the presence of other people. They probably won’t make jabs at you when you’re only in the company of each other, but if a larger crowd is present, the comments begin. They’re rude, embarrassing and ridiculing, and ultimately not necessary.

You could either sit back and endure the abuse, laughing it off to keep the peace. Or, you could look at your supposed ‘friend’ and tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Why must we tolerate things that make us miserable? Let that shit gooooooo, my friends, and the liberation you will encounter as a result is so worth it.

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