Run, don’t walk to get this dessert from Costco

For Christmas last year, my mom generously gifted me and Blaine an executive Costco membership to use once we are living in our home. Considering I eat as much as a rhinoceros, buying in bulk makes sense, so I was very happy to be gifted this.

Blaine and I are (hopefully) going to be moving into our home within the next few weeks, so I recently made a trip to Costco with my sister, Danielle. She came along to show me the Costco ropes seeing as she is a pro (she frequents Costco regularly for her business), and while the plan was to grab essentials for the house, I had to grab some goodies while we were there.

I love tiramisu, and seeing as I reside in Ontario, Canada, and not Italy, it can be difficult finding tiramisu here that actually tastes like genuine, Italian tiramisu. I somewhat fucked myself as I had tiramisu for the first time ever while in Rome, so it’s safe to say I have set rather high standards for any tiramisu I eat.

When I laid my eyes on mini tiramisu right from Italy in the Costco fridge, you can bet your ass it landed in my cart.

Costco Dessert Italiano Tiramisu’s come in individual glass cups and there are six in a package. The glasses are a nice touch, plus you can keep and use them after you’ve scraped every last tiramisu morsel from its contents.

I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious these guys are. I’m not going to lie and pretend they’re better than fresh tiramisu in Italy, but they come in a close second. They’re creamy, rich, and the portion sizes are great because you can eat a whole one without feeling like a piece of shit.

A package of six costs roughly $10, and while this isn’t necessarily a daily dessert as they are a bit pricey, I think they’re worth it for what you get.

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