Read this to learn how to control stress management

As unpleasant as it is, stress is arguably something that affects each and every one of us at some point in time throughout the duration of our lives. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone who claims they are entirely free of stress, and honestly, anyone who proclaims this has either figured out the secret of life, or they’re a psychopath.

There really is no middle ground here.

Personally, I’m feeling rather stressed as of late. The wedding is just over a month away; things on the farm are picking up and gaining speed; mine and Blaine’s future home is just about move-in ready.

I said to my mom the other day that I’m unsure if I’ve ever been so stressed in my life. It’s been fucking peachy.

Because I myself am feeling a wee bit terse as of late, I thought I would offer up some stress management tips for anyone else feeling as though the slightest inconvenience will cause their head to implode. I’ll try my best to practice these myself.

  • Try to get some exercise in
  • Adhere to a nutritious diet
  • Try meditation
  • Get some sleep
  • Take a long, hot shower or bath
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Refrain from a lot of social media use
  • Set time aside for yourself to do something you truly enjoy, for example, a passion or a hobby
  • Try to reconfigure your work/life balance and adjust accordingly
  • Ensure you have supportive people around you whom you can connect with
  • Spend some time with a pet if you have one

Granted, all of these things are easier said than done, but stress is something that can easily get out of hand if not managed appropriately. Figure out where the stress is coming from, create a plan to address and hopefully diminish the stress source, and do the best you can.

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