Prioritizing mental health

Watching television with my parents the other night, I was pretty taken aback, in a good way, with an advertisement from Bell Canada for their #BellLetsTalk campaign.

I tried to find the commercial we saw on Youtube but wasn’t able to. Hopefully, my brief description will help you to visualize what we saw.

The ad essentially depicted two women who work together, one of which is struggling with her mental health. She tells her co-worker she is feeling overwhelmed, and her co-worker automatically begins to explain her own reason for being stressed, somewhat implying that the latter shouldn’t feel as though she deserves special treatment for her mental health concerns. Finally, the woman struggling tells the other that she needs a break from her work environment for the sake of her mental wellbeing, her co-worker thanking her for confiding in her with her concerns.

It really is a well-done advertisement, and my parents and I agreed. Seeing this advertisement, as well as promotional material via social media encouraging Canadians to participate in the upcoming #BellLetsTalk campaign, has allowed me to re-visit the concept of mental health in the workplace and how it should not be oppressed in order to meet deadlines or complete responsibilities.

If we wake up one morning before work, only to find we have come down with a nasty cold, or the flu, overnight, we do not hesitate to call into work and take a sick day.

So why don’t we devote the same amount of consideration to our mental health?

There is still a significant amount of stigma that surrounds the topic of mental health and wellbeing, however, advertisements such as these and campaigns like #BellLetsTalk that promote conversation about mental health are so important in terms of progressing. We must be vocal, and we must be firm in reiterating that mental health is just as important as physical health.

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